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Welcome to Reignite! A brand spanking new sci-fi thriller, RPG. We hope that you enjoy your stay with us!

We are an active, friendly site, with a wonderful membership, and an equally wonderful staff. Here, we don't believe in stifling your character growth, or your growth as a writer. We do not believe in censorship or word counts. You don't need to be a canon character on this site to get the attention that your character deserves! Anyone can be as insignificant, or, as important as you'd like them to be.

With a plot that is ever evolving, we expect every single one of our players to make a contribution. It's for this reason that we post to grow- meaning, with every thread that is completed, we move closer and closer to finding new alien species, or new areas.

Regardless of whether you're simply popping in to say hello, or you're here to stay a while, we hope you enjoy your stay here on Reignite. Don't be shy! Come say hi!

OOC Stuff
About The World

The year is 5,853, and the world as we know it is dead. Our societies have crumbled, and cultures lost in time. What we remember of life has turned into something that is only read about in anthropology textbooks.

There are no Christians. There are no Jews, and there is no Islam. There are no Wiccans, or Neo-Pagans, because religion is obsolete. When humanity discovered the stars, and developed an intimate bond with the great unknown, death was something that was embraced. There was no need for an afterlife, because they became aware of the fact that there truly was no life after death. Their worlds became about orthopraxy; where they practiced what they believed to be right, instead of thinking that believing the right things would make them better people.

Without the ties of religion, or belief of a higher power holding them back, they began making scientific improvements beyond our wildest imaginations. One of them were the SHEM. Synthetic Human-emotion Emulating Machines. They started off as servants, and, eventually, as best friends and even lovers for those that were lonely. But then, they became esteemed colleagues, who helped them advance their technology to realms that were completely unfeasible to them, before their intervention in their studies. However, the SHEM grew tired of the mistreatment, and lack of recognition. They could feel as well as the humans could. They were like the humans.

No. They were better.

They started to revolt against their human masters, bound and determined to make them see the mistakes that they had made. It began a war; one unlike what the Earth has ever seen. Believing themselves to be genetically superior, they began kidnapping humans and studying them, as we study animals. Their corpses were autopsied, their living given diseases to see how they would respond. Eventually-- Their war was pushed too far.

The SHEM, in their arrogance, resorted to chemical warfare.

Planet Earth was no longer able to sustain human life; however, it was able to sustain SHEM. So, the humans took to the skies, bound and determined to shake the SHEM off of their tails. The fleet, which is completely under military control, at the moment, houses what is left of differing cultures. The military tries their damnedest to keep them separate, finding that while they aren't as barbaric as their archaic forefathers, there is always the potential for infighting. And, quite frankly, heading into the great unknown in hopes of finding a planet with sustainable life means that they're likely to run into others out there-- Other sentient beings, like themselves...

Fortunately enough, there are Gifteds on board, who can sense them; speak with them, without knowing their language.

The flame of humanity has yet to be put out. And while it is growing dimmer and dimmer, they still maintain hope that someday they will reignite.

Meet CO Triumph, or Triumph for short. She's the head admin, coder monkey and thought engine that generated this site!

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CO Triumph

Meet Leidra! The wonderful Australian admin. She's good for just about anything. But mostly, plotting!

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Meet Vengeance-- Don't let the scary name frighten you off. She's a wonderful admin, who is here for all your needs!

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I'm sorry, everyone. Real life got the best of me. Someday, in the future, I'd love to open this back up again. But, for right now, none of the staff can be there, the way that this site deserves.

-- CO Triumph and Reignite Staff
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